At Global Game Jam in January 2018 I worked as part of a team of 4 to make Bots In Us, a cyberpunk-themed survival game. The player controls an AI hivemind of nanobot-infected people. The hivemind is being hunted by government agents in a dark forest. The player must send individual people to lure agents away from the group and into bear traps.

Our team was made up of two artists, a programmer and myself. We decided to use 2D sketches in 3D space to create a visual style inspired by the game Don’t Starve. The other team members hadn’t used Unity before so I implemented the game’s mechanics.

Many people played the game when we presented it at the end of the jam. We kept a scoreboard of the top scores, which encouraged people to try to find the best survival strategies. After the presentations everyone voted on their favourite game and we won!

Link to the Global Game Jam submission